Perpetually Inconsistant




I am an angel, my best friend is Dean, my lover is Castiel, my first kiss is Bobby, my husband is Dean, I have 0 children, my enemy is Lucifer, I killed Castiel, I was killed by Castiel. 

Welp, I have one fucked up relationship with Cas. 


I killed Cas.


I’m an Angel, my best friend is Lucifer. My lover is Castiel. My first kiss was Lucifer. My husband is Dean, we have 4 kids. My enemy is Castiel. I killed Crowley, and Sam killed me.

I must have Hate Sex with Cas, and he killed me because I married Dean….yep.

I am an angel, my best friend is Bobby, my lover, first kiss, AND husband is Dean Winchester. We have no kids, my enemy is Crowley, I killed Lucifer and promptly shot to death by Crowley.

…Score. Also have a sneaking suspicion that I am Castiel…*narrows eyes*

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